Mathieu Comandon

Scripting problems away, one line of code at a time

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I am currently available for hire to help you on your projects. As I also work on several other projects, I prefer short and focused missions in order to deliver satisfying results as quickly as possible. If you need more done, there is no reason not to reiterate several missions!
If you are located in the West Los Angeles or Santa Monica area, I can work on-site, otherwise I can work remotely.
Any necessary R&D will not be billed, only the actual work on your project will.

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What can I do for you?

Django development: With a 7 year experience on the famous Python web framework, I can bring new features, update or fix your Django website. I am also familiar with several technologies often used along Django such as Django REST Framework or Celery.

Python development: Whether it's writing a desktop GUI app, web crawlers or system administration script, Python can solve many problems very quickly. I can improve existing Python projects or create a brand new tool to solve a particular problem.

Automation and system administration: A process with repetitive tasks can be very time consuming and prone to errors if it requires human intervention. By spending a few hours automating a task, you can end up saving a lot of time (and headaches).

Code quality and automated testing: Enforcing good coding standards and setting up an automated test suite can prevent a lot of bugs and save up a lot of time. I can set up a continuous integration platform such as Jenkins for your projects and write test suites so you can ship software more rapidly.