This is the hardware I use on a day to day basis. As you can see, I'm not crazy about keeping up with the latest tech trends. I tend to upgrade hardware based on my current needs and try to keep machines in service as long as they can.

Main workstation (initial build in 2015)

What I use most of the time. It's 5 years old but it can do pretty much anything.

"Laptop" / tablet

I find laptops too heavy. I found the Surface Pro to be the best compromise between a tablet and a x86_64 Linux PC. Requires the Linux Surface kernel for best support.

Game console

A PC I built for events like SCaLE. The rest of the time, it is plugged to my TV and runs games with Lutris and Steam.

Home server

A tiny and cheap Ryzen PC that runs a multitude of services on my local network.

Audio workstation

Even if I don't have a lot of skills currently, I like to mess with audio software. I'm using an old laptop as an audio production device.

DNS server / Cloud storage

A single board computer running Pihole and Nextcloud.

Test bench / QA machines

A few old laptops used to test Lutris on various systems.

More devices

In my kitchen

I'm not going to feed myself with computers... Here are a few essential items you can find in my kitchen.