Mathieu Comandon

Scripting problems away, one line of code at a time



I love cooking but keeping an organised kitchen, discovering new recipes or finding new uses for ingredients can all be problems. After realizing that no existing product did address those problems in a satisfying manner, I started Lunchcraft.
I wish to create a platform that will keep track of users eating habits and what's in their kitchen and bring recommendations that will make the best use of available ingredients.
Lunchcraft is currently in a early prototype stage, if you are interested in making this project happen, head to and contact me to get access to the prototype.


I have been a full time Linux user for more than 10 years but I'm also a gamer. While this has become much better in the past few years, Linux and gaming weren't things that would go well together and I wanted to change that.
Lutris is a fully open gaming platform that makes it easy to play any game released in the past 40 years, whether it is an ancient Atari 2600 game, Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii or the latest Wolfenstein, Lutris has got your back. The project provides builds for a vast variety of emulators and uses a very simple scripting language to make game installations fully automated.
If you like Linux and gaming, go try it out at!

Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday

After being an avid watcher and supporter of the LinuxGameCast Weekly podcast for a number of years, I joined the team for their newest show where we cover all news related to Linux and Open Source. You can watch us live every Wednesday around 12:30 Pacific Time on Twitch. (And, I agree, the name doesn't make any sense at all.)

The Gamera Manifesto

Being unsatisfied with the various existing software development manifestos, I've decided to write my own. Named after the brutal but friendly turtle Kaiju, the Gamera Manifesto makes no concessions and focuses on getting the job done. Go read it at