This is the hardware I use on a day to day basis. As you can see, I'm not crazy about keeping up with the latest tech trends. I tend to upgrade hardware based on my current needs and try to keep machines in service as long as they can.

Main workstation

What I use to work on most of the time. It's 6 years old but it can do pretty much anything. I don't want to upgrade it because I don't want to be disapointed by how little improvement I would get. I just want to stick a current gen GeForce in it and do some Blender on it. But that requires GeForces to be available.

Lutris console

The reference machine for Lutris development and the machine I use to play video games. This is mainly a couch gaming console, even for keyboard and mouse games, thanks to the Corsair lapboard. The mouse and keyboard can be plugged and used on a little desk with a gaming chair. The machine was initially built for events like SCaLE. It was recently upgraded to the Radeon RX5700XT and is capable of playing pretty much any recent title like Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, Serious Sam 4, Death Stranding, Godfall, Battlefront 2...

"Laptop" / tablet

I find laptops too heavy. I found the Surface Pro to be the best compromise between a tablet and a x86_64 Linux PC. Requires the Linux Surface kernel for best support. It can be used as a portable gaming device for lightweight games like Cuphead, Street Fighter IV or Hollow Knight.

Home server

A tiny and cheap Ryzen PC that runs a multitude of services (Gitlab, Docker Registry, Salt, OBS, Wikipedia) on my local network.

Audio workstation

Even if I don't have a lot of skills currently, I like to mess with audio software and learn how to play music. For this usage an old Thinkpad is more than powerful enough.

Streaming setup

The streaming is done via the home server machine running OBS. This server has access to:

Game audio from the Lutris console can be exported to the Corsair headset with PulseAudio: pactl load-module module-loopback latency_msec=1 source=1 sink=2

Streaming can go to either a service like Twitch/Youtube or to an Owncast instance hosted on a small OVH server in Canada.

The audio production machine is also setup to stream to an Icecast server (also on the same server in Canada) from Mixxx.

DNS server / Cloud storage

A single board computer running Pihole and Nextcloud.

More devices

In my kitchen

I'm not going to feed myself with computers... Here are a few essential items you can find in my kitchen.